„Creating Local Innovation through a Quadruple Helix CLIQ“

CLIQ network focuses on the role of local authorities in medium sized cities in driving innovation to support the Lisbon goals for jobs and growth.

CLIQ network will exchange, explore and disseminate best practice in ways to promote innovation and improve competitiveness within the specific context of cities with populations of 50,000-250,000. The long term aim of CLIQ is to optimise the benefits of globalisation and innovation to SMEs and entrepreneurs in medium sized towns.

CLIQ has 16 partners from 10 countries, all representing or based in medium sized cities. The partnership includes 11 local and regional authorities as well as representatives of other innovation stakeholders such as Chambers of Commerce, Research institutes and Incubators, to reflect the different roles, competencies and perspectives within the Quadruple Helix.

Quadruple Helix is a DNA helix formed by four chains oriented in the same direction. We use this image to illustrate our basic view of the roles and objective of the main innovation actors. The Quadruple Helix model includes the civil society in addition to the traditional combination of innovation actors:  research organisations, businesses and public authorities (Triple Helix). In our view also the civil society, the citizens should be included in driving innovation in cities and regions of Europe.

Our goal is to improve local authorities' innovation policies, to integrate innovation, entrepreneurship and internationalisation processes and to improve regional competitiveness. This will be achieved by developing close links between quadruple helix partners at local level and exchanging models of civil society engagement in innovation.

The CLIQ network operates as a live open innovation system and disseminates processes and results throughout the lifetime of the project. It examines and exchanges good practice between regions on supporting SMEs to innovate,  to define and benchmark medium sized city local authorities' roles in driving innovation.

  • We RESEARCH and share local and regional good practice in innovation.
  • We EXCHANGE experience and good practice on how local authorities in medium sized towns can facilitate better collaboration and knowledge transfer between innovation centres, science & technology institutions and local SMEs
  • We want to develop SUSTAINABLE & EFFECTIVE LINKS between the key innovation actors: local & regional authorities, science and technology parks, universities, innovation centres, SMEs, entrepreneurs and civil society (QUADRUPLE Helix)
  • We EXPLORE & DEFINE THE ROLE(S) of local authorities in medium sized cities in supporting innovation, specifically within multi level governance & the Quadruple Helix model
  • We BENCHMARK processes supporting innovation in medium sized partners' cities
  • We explore & exchange models to ENGAGE CIVIL SOCIETY - 'citizens' - in innovation & innovating to narrow the innovation gap
  • We want to INTEGRATE POLICIES, PROCESSES & ACTIVITIES used within partner cities in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Internationalisation to improve economic competitiveness of participating regions (recognising that the challenges of innovation, entrepreneurship & internationalisation are often tackled in a segregated or vertical manner)
  • We will develop TOOLS which local and regional authorities can use to help SMEs and entrepreneurs to innovate and compete in an international market
  • We also want to INFLUENCE policy both within the network & in other medium sized cities and DISSEMINATE our FINDINGS within the partners' cities, through networks of towns, cities & regions & at a European level, also in less advanced regions, with a view to transferring them Europe-wide.